We are so excited to announce that Bradon French will be our Easter Madness 2018 guest speaker! Bradon is a super cool guy with a background in youth ministry and a passion for young people. Currently he works for the Synod of NSW and the ACT and has been a part of some awesome things! He will bring his incredible insight and experiences to camp and we are blessed to have him on board!

To get to know him, we asked Bradon to share some fun facts about himself, here’s what he had to say…

“I’m married to Melissa & have two kids – Harper (6) & Patrick (4)”
“I am a (huge) Harry Potter fan – fave character is Professor Snape”
“I became a youth leader in 2000 (which is ages ago) & have been a professional Christian for 13.5 years, working in two churches & now for the NSW/ACT Synod”
“I believe Ranch sauce is the perfect condiment (due to its zestiness & versatility)”
“My Snapchat score is 2086”
“I’m so excited to be coming to Easter Madness 2018”

Don’t miss out on hearing Bradon share his awesome message! It’s an incredible opportunity not worth missing. SERIOUSLY!