Are you excited for Easter Madness and want to invite all your friends along? Do you want some FREE MERCH so you can strut Easter Madness swag all camp long? Well, this is for you!

Our bring a friend campaign will be running until March 9 (that’s now until registrations close) and how it works is this…

  1. Register for Easter Madness – we want to see you
  2. Tell all your friends to come! Give them a flyer or send them the link to the website. Invite them to the Facebook or Instagram pages (spread the word however you can)!
  3. Make sure your friend registers! There is a “bring a friend” section on the registration form where they can put your name down as the person who invited them to camp!
  4. On arrival at camp, you get your FREE MERCH!

It’s that simple! Invite as many people as you can! If your friends want free merch, encourage them to invite people to come along too! So long as you and your friend registers, you should be good to go! WOOOHOOO! Time to strut your EM18 swag!